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Family Centered
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Community Focus
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Exceptional Service
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New Hope Therapy Services was created to ensure that each family being served has access to the services their individual families needs. Each child and family in unique and should have individualized and personalized plans of care. Our New Hope therapy team is dedicated to this mission. 


"For nearly six years, Allyson was the cornerstone of my daughter’s ABA care. Her meticulous detail, tenacity, and infectious enthusiasm were crucial to the development and orchestration of my daughter’s behavioral care plan. When Nikki came aboard my daughter’s team, her ability to execute our goals was flawless. Nikki’s patience, warmth, and team-oriented work ethic helped cultivate an environment in which my daughter thrived. Nikki gave my daughter a safe space to grow and explore, while Allyson inspired the targets she would attain." 

- Solicited Testimonial from Previous Parent of ABA Services. 


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